SPACE LOV3 -Do More What Makes You Happy-
SPACE LOV3 brings out your love, passion, potential, and motivation.

SPACE LOV3 brings out your love, passion, potential and motivation.

The special space “SPACE LOV3,” filled with the commitment, love, and messages of General Director RIEHATA down to the last detail, is finally OPEN!!! Step into this space and from there, your life will become more fun!!! Filled with love! Your motivation will soar! Grow to love your “favorites” even more!!


“Love your neighbor as yourself”

As visitors step into our entrance, we greet them with open arms and infuse their exciting first step with an extra dose of love.”We are dedicated to supporting you in chasing your dreams while prioritizing the well-being of your heart and body. Understanding that your physical health is influenced not just by exercise, but also by mental and dietary factors, RIEHATA is committed to providing you with a delightful and nourishing menu that boosts motivation. Our goal is to create a space where you can relax, feel a sense of empowerment, and embrace your authentic self. Whether you are a dancer or simply visiting our café, we invite you to indulge in a blissful experience that leaves a lasting positive impression. Enjoy your time with us and embrace the journey ♡”

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