SPACE LOV3. Love is freedom. A space as boundless as the universe, filled with infinite possibilities. A place where love is born through dance, through the things you like, through the people you meet; a place to learn about love, to give love, and to nurture love. A space where you can pursue your dreams and passions with love, grow, and feel the connections with others while discovering your passion and true self. We are creating a space that elevates your spirit and overflows with love. Together with you, our visitors, freely and boundlessly.
Dance Studio
RIEHATA’s educational methods, as well as the beloved disciple Rht., who is at the forefront of entertainment in Japan, create a place of learning from the wonderful instructors chosen from all over the nation. A place to cultivate individuality, technique, expressive power, and humanity. Dance, food, living—spaces that are faced with love in every aspect. Let’s unleash hope for the future and the desire to shine oneself in this SPACE!!!
1F Garden Cube Shibuya Jinnan, 1-17-11 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041, Japan