Announcement from LOV3 CAFE☕️

 Here is a refined interpretation of the provided announcements from LOV3 CAFE !

1. Introducing Winter Special Menu ✨

Starting from February, a range of limited-time winter delicacies and new products will be unveiled at LOV3 CAFÉ!

Indulge in six varieties of airy gluten-free chiffon cakes, Valentine's cocoa, pork kimchi rice balls, Chanja Onigiri,Koji Cheese Cake and more...☆

 Whether you are a loyal patron of LOV3 CAFÉ or if you haven't had the chance to visit us yet, we encourage you to come and unwind while enjoying a delightful moment at LOV3 CAFÉ☆



2. Notice of Revised Operating Hours at LOV3 CAFÉ

The operating hours on weekends have been altered to 11:00 am for your convenience.


3. Announcement: Discontinuation of Gluten-Free Donuts at LOV3 CAFÉ

One of our beloved offerings, the delicate and body-friendly gluten-free fluffy donuts, will soon be phased out.

With only a few remaining, we recommend enthusiasts of LOV3 CAFÉ donuts to promptly visit our establishment☆

We eagerly await the presence of all guests at LOV3 CAFÉ!


The LOV3 CAFÉ Team