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MAKOTO is for you who want to live freely, freeing your individuality, expression and mental entertainment! (Musical lovers also gather together ♡)


MAKOTO is for you who want to live freely, freeing your individuality, expression and mental entertainment! (Musical lovers also gather together ♡)

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Born in November 1999. Born in Tokyo.

Member of "Rht." and "Dr.SWAG.

When he was 4 years old, he became interested in dance after seeing a musical performed by an acquaintance. She took her first serious dance lessons at the age of 5, learning various genres, and developed her own style with HIPHOP and JAZZ as the mainstays. In 2014, she was selected as a member of "RIEHATATATOKYO" to participate in "Body Rock Jr," a world-class dance contest held in the U.S. In her first competition, she won the second place. At the age of 15, she studied abroad in the U.S. for a year, which was the first time she distanced herself from dance. In 2021, he participated in the D.LEAGUE with Rht. and was crowned the first champion.

As for his personal activities, he is also a back-up dancer for artists such as Daichi Miura, and has set up WS in various countries around the world, including the U.S., Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Korea.

As a member of "Rht.", which is like a family, he is aiming for a wide range of activities, not only in the dance world, but also traveling around the world.

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  • Individual results


    ⭐Daichi Miura “ONE END TOUR 2018-2019” Tour Dancer
    ⭐Daichi Miura COLORLESS TOUR 2019-2020 Tour Dancer
    ⭐Daichi Miura Online Streaming Live 2020 The Choice Is___ Live Dancer
    ⭐EXILE SHOKICHI “UNDERDOGG 2019” tour dancer
    ⭐HIROMI GO 2022 Nippon Budokan 50th anniversary live dancer
    ⭐SITNA YUI 2022 Live Direction
    Daichi Miura FAN CLUB EVENT 2023 Tour dancer

    【Contests and battles】
    Rht. Awards
    ✩Second place in the dance contest “Body Rock Jr.” held in the U.S.A. (2 years in a row)
    ✩Dai-ichi Life D.LEAGUE20-21
    avexROYALBRATS 1st Champion

    ⭐Zico “Artist” performance
    ⭐Jackson Wang “Generation 2”, “PAPILLON
    ⭐Daichi Miura “Be Myself”, “COLORLESS”, “Backwards”, “Someday” Appearance
    ⭐CRAZYBOY “Damn Girl” feat. Jackson Wang
    ⭐CITNAYUI “MUSEUM” featuring
    ⭐Go Hiromi “I’m the Best! Performer
    ⭐Kenya Fujita “Mask In Love” Appearance

    【TV commercials】
    ⭐”FNS Song Festival”, “Record Awards”, “Kohaku Uta Gassen”, “Music Station”, back dancer for Daichi Miura
    ⭐Back dancer for Hiromi Go in Kohaku Uta Gassen
    ⭐Named as one of the “Pro’s Choice 40 Great Dancers” in “Masahiro Nakai’s Dance Na Kai” in 2021.
    ⭐Appeared in Asahi Soft Drinks “Dashing” commercial

    ⭐WATWING music “Sensation” choreography
    ⭐OCTPATH debut song “IT’S A BOP” choreography / music video direction
    ⭐CLASS:y “TARGET” Choreography
    ⭐MOONCHILD “Photogenic” Choreography
    ⭐Hikari Mitsushima “Shadow Dance Prod. MONDO GROSSO” choreography
    ⭐GENERATIONS “Diamonds” choreography

    ⭐Directed and performed in independent stage performance “WAKAMONO
    ⭐DANCE WORKS presents “Dancing! Choreographed and performed “Helpless” from the musical “Hamilton
    ⭐Broadway musical “Guys & Dolls” at Teikoku Theater/Hakataza

    ⭐MEN’S NON-NO July 2021 issue “Summer, T-shirts dance! July issue of MEN’S NON-NO 2021 “Summer, T-shirts Dance!

    ⭐COACH Pride Collection 2023 “THE COACH PRIDE” Live performance video appearance
    ⭐Guest appearance on the Spotify program “Music Made in Japan” by Daichi Miura
    ⭐Appeared in the project “Our Tokyo Our Terms” on the official Instagram of Nike Tokyo
    ⭐Received the Taito City Special Award for Culture and Sports
    ⭐Produced his first video in Singapore and Indonesia
    ⭐Produced a project in collaboration with New Balance Japan
    ⭐Produced a video in London with New Balance Japan
    ⭐Collaboration with “niko and…” original brand “Numerals” as “NUMERALS × Macoto” for 2021 WINTER ITEMS