Born in September 1999. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Member of "Rht." and "TSUBAKILL.
She started dancing in kindergarten on her mother's advice, and her main style is HIPHOP Girls HIPHOP K-POP.
Her dance style combines both cuteness and skill, and she excels at isolations and hits.
DZ, and in 2015, she joined Rht. to participate in Body Rock Jr. and won second place.
In 2021, they participated in D.LEAGUE as avex ROYAL BLATS and won the first champion.
As an individual, he participated in the popular Korean TV show "Street wman fighter2" in 2023 as a member of the Japanese representative team "TSUBAKILL".
He is also very popular in Korea, the Philippines, and other parts of the world, and is active on a global scale.

  • Profile

    RIEHATA recommend point! ♡

    If you want to acquire both the skills and the cuteness to attract people, Rena is the place for you!

  • Individual results

    Appearance at Yusuke Kamiji Concert
    ⭐Appeared in Tokyo Girls Collection
    Appearance on Korea TVSBS Inkigayo 4 weeks CL back dancer
    ⭐AI opening act
    ⭐Jackson wang – Papillon China concert
    ⭐Zico – artist MAMA performance
    ⭐Yusuke Kamiji concert performance
    ⭐2023 Tokyo Girls Collection Appearance
    ⭐MSTE AI Happiness Appearance
    ⭐AK69 live dance guest at Budokan
    ⭐Zico -freak mama Appearance

    【Contests and battles】
    LOLK!DZ Awards
    TOKYO DANCE COLLECTION Vol.3″ Preliminary Round Winner
    TOKYO DANCE COLLECTION” Final Overall Champion
    ✩”Birthday” Preliminary Round Winner & Overall Champion
    Winner of “ALL JAPAN SUPPER KIDS” North Kanto Preliminary Round, Junior High School Division
    ✩”ALL JAPAN SUPER KIDS FAINAL” Junior High School Division Super Kids TV Award (4th place)
    DANCE@PIECE 2012″ Final Preliminary Round, 1st Place
    STAIRS” final competition, 1st place (2 consecutive wins)
    STAIRS in MATSUMOTO 2013″ Final Championships, Winner (3 consecutive wins/Inducted into the Hall of Fame)

    【RITA Awards】
    2014.3.27 DANCE ATTACK Tokyo Preliminary Round, Junior High School Division, 3rd place
    2014.4.13 ZERO Contest Tokyo preliminary contest, 3rd place
    2014.4.19 TOKYO GIRLS☆CHALLENGE Vo.2 Dance Team Contest Winner👑.

    【VIA Awards】
    soulm8 Dance Contest Qualifier 3rd Place
    ice cream Dance Contest Qualifier 3rd Place
    LL Dance Contest Preliminary Round Winner
    ZERO Contest Final Qualifier 3rd Place
    LL Dance Contest FINAL 3rd place
    Seiji Festival entry determined
    Machida Cup Second Place

    Rht. Awards 
    ✩Second place in the Dance Contest “Body Rock Jr.” held in the U.S.A.
    ✩Dai-ichi Life D.LEAGUE20-21
    avexROYALBRATS First Champion

    Solo Awards
    ✩Dance@live Dance Battle Preliminary Round Second Place
    Best 8 of Final of Dance@live Dance Battle
    ✩Soul8 Dance Battle Winner
    Winner of ✩izumi company Dance Battle

    ✩2ne1 CL Napun Kijibe (The Baddest Female) MV performance
    ✩Jackson wang – Papillon MV performance
    ✩Zico – artist MAMA
    Damn Girl – crazy boy jackson wang

    TV and commercials
    ✩Precure CM
    PIRAMECCHINO Appearance
    Yusuke Kamiji Concert Appearance
    ✩Performance at Uta no Rakuen
    Appearance on CM of ⭐Reebok “RUN FREE AI feat.
    Appearance on Korean TV SBS “Inkigayo” for 4 weeks as a back dancer for CL
    Appearance on “Music Station Ultra Super Live” AI feat Rht.

    Class:y “TARGET” “crack-crack-crack
    Meme Tokyo “River’s End
    Rinne Yoshida “Party Up” “Ride On Turtle
    ✩eill “fake love
    ⭐one five “FAFO